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Poster Topics

Abstracts will be grouped into specific poster sessions based upon the scientific/clinical topics shown below. Authors must select one of the topics/subtopics listed below when submitting their abstract:

  • Acute and Nociceptive Pain

  • Assessment, Diagnosis and Measurement in Pain

  • Basic Science:
    • In Vitro and Stem Cells
    • Pain Models
    • Pharmacology, Including Addiction
    • Physiology
    • Other

  • Cancer Pain and Palliative Care

  • Chronic Pain: Other

  • Clinical Intervention:
    • Adverse Effects
    • Interventional Approaches, Including Neuromodulation
    • Pain Management Programs, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Including Multi- and Interdisciplinary Approaches
    • Pharmacological, Including Opioids
    • Other

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Education and Patient Engagement

  • Epidemiology

  • Ethics and Legal Aspects of Pain

  • Evidence, Clinical Trials, Systematic Review, Guidelines and Implementation Science

  • Experimental Psychology

  • Genetics

  • Headache and Orofacial Pain

  • Healthcare Systems and Pain Management, Including Developing World and Low-Resource Settings

  • History

  • Imaging and Pain

  • Informatics, Coding and Pain Registries

  • Musculoskeletal Pain and Rheumatology

  • Neuropathic Pain

  • Nociplastic and Chronic Widespread Pain

  • Pain and Society or Culture

  • Pain in Non-Human Species

  • Pain in Special Populations (including pediatrics and geriatrics)

  • Pain Taxonomy and Terminology

  • Placebo

  • Research Methods
    • Clinical
    • Pre-Clinical

  • Sex, Gender and Pain

  • Transition to Chronic Pain

  • Visceral, Abdominal and Pelvic Pain

  • Other


Submissions are due by 16:59, Eastern Time, on 21 March 2021. (Convert to your local time zone).

Submissions due by
24 March 2021.