Thiago M. Cunha, PhD Brazil | Patrick D. Wall Young Investigator Award for Basic Science Associate Professor | Ribeirao Preto Medical School | University of Sao Paolo

Thiago Cunha Photo

Patrick D. Wall Young Investigator Award for Basic Science

Thiago M. Cunha, PhD is an Associate Professor at the Ribeirao Preto Medical School at the University of Sao Paolo where his lab works to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind pathological pain conditions, focusing on the neuroimmune-glia interactions. The final aim of his studies is to find novel molecular targets that could be useful for novel drug development. Among the main contributions from his lab to the field of pain are studies concerning the pronociceptive role of cytokines/chemokines and complementary systems.

“The research he is leading has made substantial step-changes in our fundamental understanding of pain mechanisms,” says recommender Victoria Chapman. “He is an international recognized leader in neuroimmunopharmacology and his work has been enormously influential on my group thinks about how chronic pain develops,” says nominator Dr. Theodore Price.