Updates of Musculoskeletal Pain: Fascia, Inflammation, Neuroplasticity and Microbiome

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020
09:30 – 16:30


D204 (RAI Amsterdam)


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Event/Session Summary

Updates of Musculoskeletal Pain: Fascia, Inflammation, Neuroplasticity and Microbiome

Full Day SIG Satellite Symposium
Hosted By: Musculoskelatal Pain SIG

This symposium will feature up to date research on musculoskeletal medicine. This will include the our growing understanding of the functional rather than the structural role of fascia; the role of lifestyle factors in reducing inflammation and enhancing healing; our changing understanding of neuroplasticity and the connection of neuroplastic changes and movement; and the relationship between the microbiome composition and major determinants of musculoskeletal pain. We will hear from experts and have time for questions and discussion.

Preliminary Agenda


Symposium Begins


Opening Remarks
Peter Svensson, DDS PhD DrOdont (Denmark)

Dental Pain and Inflammation

Kenneth Hargreaves, DDS, PhD (USA)


Morning Coffee Break

Muscle Pains

Malin Ernberg, (Sweden)

Temporomandibular Joint Pains
Daniele Manfredini (Italy)

Neuropathic Pains
Lene Baad-Hansen, DDS, PhD (Denmark)


Lunch Break

Pathological Trigeminal Pain Pathways

Koichi Iwata (Japan)

Messoud Ashina, MD, PhD (Denmark)

Arne May, MD, PhD (Germany)


Afternoon Coffee Break

Orofacial Pain Resembling Headaches 
Paulo Conti, PhD (Brazil)

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Satu Jaaskaleinen, MD, PhD (Finland)


Closing Remarks


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