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Date and Time

Tuesday, 4 August 2020
13:45 – 17:00


RAI Amsterdam


Fees Vary

Event/Session Summary

Take a deep dive into a single specific research or educational topic in the pain field. Satellite Symposia are organized by IASP Special Interest Groups (SIGs) or IASP members and allow for in-depth and multidisciplinary presentations and discussions on a specific topic.

Satellite Symposia are Ticketed Events and require an additional cost.

Additional Details Coming Soon. 

Multilevel Perspectives on the Social Foundations of Pain
Hosted By: Social Aspects of Pain SIG

Discovering New Therapeutic Targets and Molecular Pain Mechanisms Using Human Tissues: Recent Advances, Emerging Pitfalls, Continuing Gaps in Knowledge
Hosted By: NeuPSIG

Preventing Chronification of Acute Pain and its Consequences
Hosted By: Acute Pain SIG

Psychoneurobiological Mechanisms of Placebo Effects: Recent Evidence and Clinical Implications
Hosted By: Pain and Placebo SIG

Global CRPS Presentations and Management Standards, and Recent CRPS Highlights
Hosted By: SIG on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Technology, Innovation, and Progress Symposium in Pain Education (TIPS for PainEd)
Hosted By: Pain Education SIG

Survivors of Torture and Organized Violence: Pain in Context
Hosted By: SIG on Pain Related to Torture Organized Violence and War (TOVW)

Mechanism of Chronic Orofacial Pains
Hosted By: Orofacial and Head Pain SIG

Evidence Synthesis for Determining Efficacy and Harm: Identifying a Quality Signal in the Growing Noise
Hosted By: Methodology Evidence Synthesis and Implementation SIG (MESISIG)

Implementing Evidence in Clinical Practice
Hosted By: Pain, Mind, and Movement SIG

Compensation and Medico-Legal Issues in Pain
Hosted By: SIG on Ethical and Legal Issues in Pain

The War Against Cancer Pain: Are We Winning?
Hosted By: Cancer Pain SIG

Updates of Musculoskeletal Pain: Fascia, Inflammation, Neuroplasticity and Microbiome
Hosted By: SIG on Musculoskeletal Pain