Pain in Cancer Patients: Evidence-Based Care on the Cancer Journey

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020
08:30 – 12:30


E107 (RAI Amsterdam)


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Event/Session Summary

Pain in Cancer Patients: Evidence-Based Care on the Cancer Journey

Refresher Course

The session will discuss three major areas of pivotal importance in pain in cancer patients:

  1. Pain in cancer survivors will focus on this expanding group of patients that have continuing pain issues after treatment of their disease, looking at the mechanisms underlying chemotherapy induced neuropathy, persistent post surgical pain and pain after other cancer treatments. Translational deliberation will contextualise the science with clinical considerations for assessment and management of these patients.
  2. The journey of cancer bone pain models to ground-breaking therapy will be deliberated by one of the key protagonists in the field. It will follow the narrative that exemplifies the importance of elucidation of mechanisms in pain and subsequently how these can be exploited to develop therapeutic strategies. Key basic science and contemporaneous clinical data will be presented.
  3. In the third talk, three of the principle pharmacological treatments for cancer pain will be examined in detail and the available knowledge and evidence for opioids, gabapentinoids and cannabinoids will be discussed. This presentation will focus on the current controversies, namely the 'opioid' crisis, the popular resurgence of cannabinoids for pain and the true role for gabapentinoids in pain in cancer patients.

Speakers & Presentations

Paul Farquhar-Smith, MD, PhD (United Kingdom)
Not Just Surviving But Thriving: Pain in Cancer Survivors

Patrick Mantyh, PhD (USA)
Cancer Bone Pain: A Translational Journey

Judith Paice, PhD (USA)
Cancer Pain Management During An Opioid Epidemic


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