Neurophysiological Methods in the Assessment of Neuropathic Pain in Humans

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020
13:00 – 16:30


Onyx Lounge (RAI Amsterdam)


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Event/Session Summary

Neurophysiological Methods in the Assessment of Neuropathic Pain in Humans

Hands-On Workshop

The session will focus on the application of cutting-edge neurophysiology techniques to our understanding of chronic neuropathic pain. The speakers will discuss the use of clinical and experimental neurophysiological techniques in the study of patients with peripheral neuropathy. Neurophysiological techniques, in particular microneurography and threshold tracking, offer tremendous advantages. They are translational techniques that can provide new insights into peripheral neuronal mechanisms of nociception and neuropathic pain. The speakers will highlight recent technological advances in the field and data collected from ongoing clinical research studies. 

Stations & Faculty

Sensory and Motor Nerve Excitability in Painful and Painless Neuropathy  
Andreas Themistocleous, MD, PhD (United Kingdom)

Large Fibre Assessment/Nerve Conduction Studies in the Assessment of Neuropathy 
Hatice Tankisi, MD, PhD (Denmark)

The Clinical Application of Microneurography and its Application to Understand Nociceptive Signaling  
Jordi Serra, MD (Spain) and Mario Campero, MD (Chile)


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