Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Robust Pre-Clinical Experiments

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020
13:00 – 16:30


E107 (RAI Amsterdam)


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Event/Session Summary

Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Robust Pre-Clinical Experiments

Refresher Course

Attendees will get an overview of good practice in preclinical research to increase reproducibility and translatability. We will cover the most important steps of preclinical study design, conduct and analysis in detail.

Emily Sena will introduce preclinical meta-research and how it can provide insights that in individual experiments cannot be found. She will give a practical guide how researchers can participate in existing or plan their own preclinical systematic reviews.

Jan Vollert will provide an overview of guidelines available and explain when to use which one. He will also elaborate on the use of statistical methods during all stages of experiments – from planning to analysis. As this is not a beloved topic for most researchers, this will be provided in a hands-on and how-to fashion, rather than on a theoretical level.

How to choose appropriate models and outcome measures will be demonstrated by Sara Hestehave, who will also discuss proper methods of documentation. This is will be one of the main outcomes of the refresher course – that not all bias can be avoided, but it can be recorded, and that the conduct of one experiment can inform the design of the next, leading to an ongoing optimization process.

Speakers & Presentations

Emily Sena, PhD (United Kingdom)
Preclinical Meta-Research: No Animals Were Harmed in this Experiment

Jan Vollert, MSc (United Kingdom)
Learning from History: How Existing Guidelines Can Inform Your Experimental Design and Conduct

Sara Hestehave, MSc (United Kingdom)
Too Many Options: Choosing the Right Model and the Right Outcomes to Fit Your Experiment

Tim Houle, PhD (USA)


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