CRPS from Bedside to Bench

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020
13:00 – 16:30


E102 (RAI Amsterdam)


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Event/Session Summary

CRPS from Bedside to Bench

Refresher Course

CRPS is a relatively rare condition. Therefore, many clinicians do not know enough about the condition to provide an adequate diagnostic assessment and intervention. These difficulties appear to be present worldwide. It is a complex condition and the pathophysiology points to multiple disease mechanisms, making diagnosis and treatment challenging. 

The aim of the refresher course is to educate course attendees in the clinical presentation of CRPS including the enormous variability in the clinical picture and furthermore to describe the current understanding of the CRPS pathophysiology based on the most recent research findings. Finally, the session will also teach attendees about current available therapies and anticipated future approaches. The overall aim is to improve diagnosis and treatment of CRPS worldwide.

Speakers & Presentations

Frank Huygen, MD, PhD (Netherlands)
Bedside: The Variability in Clinical CRPS Presentations, and Recent Efforts to Develop Subgroups

Lone Knudsen, PhD (Denmark)
Bench: Advances and Cutting-Edge Approaches in our Understanding of the CRPS Pathophysiology 

Andreas Goebel, MD (United Kingdom)
Therapies: Current Treatments and Outlook to Future Trials and Therapy Approaches


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