Chronic itch : Clinical and Molecular Mechanisms

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020
13:00 – 17:00


E106 (RAI Amsterdam)


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Chronic itch : Clinical and Molecular Mechanisms

Half Day SIG Satellite Symposium
Hosted By: Itch SIG 

Itch has been an underappreciated sensation, but our understanding of itch mechanisms has undergone a transformation in the last 25 years.  Basic mechanisms by which peripheral and central neurons detect and transmit itch signals are now at least partly understood. Speakers will present recent discoveries at the molecular, cellular, and circuit levels, elucidating pathways for acute itch and possible ways by which chronic itch develops. The symposium will also explore translational approaches to identify novel therapeutic strategies to relieve itch, and how progress in studying human itch conditions informs basic science. 

Preliminary Agenda


Symposium Begins


Opening Remarks
Molecular Analysis of Peripheral Itch
Mark Hoon, PhD (USA)

Neuropeptide Y in Itch Regulation

Malin Lagerstrom, MSc, PhD (Sweden)

Psychological Assessment and Particular Considerations for Treatment
Amanda Williams, PhD (United Kingdom)


Afternoon Coffee Break

The Neuro-Immune Axis in Chronic Itch 

Brian Kim, (USA)

Itch-Scratch-Cycle: Role of Scratching in Cutaneous (neuro) Anatomy
Sonja Stander, PhD (Germany)

Clinical Spectrum and Peripheral Mechanisms of Chronic Pruritus
Martin Steinhoff, (Germany)

Discussion and Attendee Participation


Closing Remarks

 17:00 End of Symposium


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