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Topical Workshops are typically 90-minute sessions. They are to be interactive and should be designed to provide an update of the subject matter, including current controversies, via short presentations (approximately 60 minutes) and floor discussion/question period (approximately 30 minutes).

Topical Workshop Submission Requirements:

  • The organizer/submitter of a Topical Workshop must be an IASP member.
  • Each faculty member can be involved in up to two workshops, maximum.
  • As the Congress is multidisciplinary, all presentations should preferably address both basic science and clinical application.
  • IASP will only accept proposals submitted online via the Call for Proposals system.
  • When submitting a proposal, please select the most appropriate topic from the list provided in this Call.
  • Do not use proprietary drug names when referring to pharmacological substances. Only generic names of drugs are acceptable.
  • English is the official language of the Congress.

Topical Workshop Formats

Panel Workshops: Traditional 90-minute sessions that involve a panel of three speakers (including the Chair) giving in-depth, state-of-the-art lectures on a linked theme of topics including cutting-edge research, clinical treatments, and translation from research to practice. Each speaker has 20 minutes for their presentations with 5 minutes of questions after each session. There is also dedicated time at the end of the session for additional discussion with the audience to explore common themes from the lectures, challenges addressed, and solutions offered. 

Debate Workshops: 90-minute sessions presented by two speakers and one moderator. The moderator states the motion and gives a brief 5-minute overview. The proposer for the motion states their case (25 minutes). The opponent then presents their case (25 minutes). After presenting arguments, the proposer and opponent each receive 5 minutes to respond to each other’s arguments. 20-25 minutes are reserved for the end of the session where the audience can participate in the discussion. Meeting technology can be used to take audience polls and name a debate winner.

Hands-Off Practical Demonstration Workshops: 90-minute sessions in which techniques, tools, devices, or approaches are presented in the form of a demonstration from the stage. The session can include a maximum of 4 presenters, one of whom serves as the chair. Presentations are in-depth demonstration lectures on the subject and explain real-world application. Sessions should include time for audience engagement and questions. Hands-Off Demonstrations differ from Hands-On Workshops as the presenters will solely use the equipment/devices (not the attendees).

Open-Format Workshops: The Scientific Program Committee welcomes your suggestion for a new and innovative workshop structures currently not offered through the established options. Please describe your proposed workshop, format, and topic to be addressed. You may include 3 or 4 speakers, one of whom should be the chair of the session.


Preparing Your Submission

  1. Be sure to review all submission guidelines and requirements before starting your submission

  2. Know what is on the Topical Workshop Application Form

  3. Consult the IASP Submission Style Guide


Submissions are due by 23:59 EDT on 30 September 2019 (Convert to your local time zone ).

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How are Topical Workshops Selected?

Proposals are selected predominantly on the basis of scientific merit and relevance to the interests of IASP members, however proposals which take into account the following are more likely to be successful:

  • They have a panel of speakers from different countries and preferably different continents. More than one speaker from the same institution is generally not acceptable. 
  • They have a reasonable gender mix of speakers.
  • They have cross-disciplinary aspects, in accordance with the ethos of IASP (eg a workshop with a mixture of clinical and basic science speakers on a linked theme will be more attractive than one which contains only speakers from a basic science or clinical science background).
  • Proposals which include an early career researcher and/or or a speaker from outside North America/Western Europe are welcomed.


If Your Topical Workshop is Selected

You will be asked to:

  • Confirm your participation
  • Review & confirm the title, abstract/summary, and educational objectives
  • Submit a curriculum vitae (CV), biography, and photo
  • Authorize IASP to record your lecture and slides to be published on the IASP Pain Education Resource Center (PERC)
  • Register for the IASP 2020 World Congress*

* We value the time and effort that is needed to accomplish such a task and therefore will offer all Topical Workshop speakers a reduced registration fee of 50% off the current registration rate.


Submissions due by
23:59 EDT on
30 September 2019