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Schedule of Events

#IASP2020 Program Elements

Plenary Sessions

Several internationally known speakers will present timely topics in the field of pain during each morning and afternoon’s Plenary Sessions. This program will present a wide array of issues and research that is relevant to both basic scientists and clinicians.

Topical Workshops

The World Congress on Pain will feature a series of simultaneous 90-minute Topical Workshops, providing delegates with great opportunities for floor discussion and learning from leaders in the pain study field. Most sessions will include viewpoints from at least three speakers.

Lived Experience Center (LEC)

The LEC brings together patient advocates, patient organizations, scientists, clinicians, healthcare providers, and policymakers who aim to create better outcomes in the awareness, understanding, research, teaching, assessment, and management of pain throughout the world.

The Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates (GAPPA) oversees the programming and has designed the 2020 schedule to provide sessions of interest to all Congress attendees. The Lived Experience Center aims to provide understanding and education through panel workshops, presentations, and technology demonstrations on pain and the science behind it as well as practical workshops communicating the latest techniques and best practices in self-care/self-management and living well with pain.

Refresher Courses

Learn current information from a broad-based perspective on an array of different topics that are deemed critical to the pain field. Refresher courses are perfect for those who are new to the field, want to dive into a new specialty, or just want to stay current in the field.

Satellite Symposia

Gain an in-depth understanding on a single, specific research or educational topic in the pain field through multidisciplinary presentations and discussions. Symposia are endorsed by Special Interest Groups and/or IASP members.

Hands-On Workshops

Learn the latest techniques and methods and practice them on site in these interactive, practical workshops. Hands-on workshops are typically comprised of four stations with one or two faculty members per station.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a new interactive showcase in the exhibit hall that features unique opportunities to engage with leading experts and participate in brief presentations about important topics. Sessions range from deep dives with Congress plenary lecturers to demonstrations of innovative medical devices.

More information and schedule to Come.