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Justification Toolkit

IASP World Congress is a unique educational and career developing opportunity where you and your colleagues can network with pain professionals from around the world, learn the latest scientific updates, and improve your career in the pain field.

But, how do you share the value of World Congress with your supervisor to help justify your attendance? Use our Justification Toolkit below to help you articulate the value of attending this premier global meeting on pain.

General Tips for Making Your Case

  • Focus on the issues at hand. Explain what you plan to learn from attending and how this will benefit your research, field, and/or patients. Review the IASP Congress schedule and make a list of the sessions that will help you advance your research or field, or improve patient treatment.
  • Take advantage of early registration. Register early to receive the lowest rates. You can save by registering before 1 May 2020.
  • Share and present. Offer to share handouts and present Q & A sessions to your colleagues to increase the value of what you learned. They will benefit from your attendance, too.
  • Call attention to quality. As the premier global meeting on pain, IASP 2020 World Congress on Pain provides access to the latest science and best practices in pain treatment. Attending Congress is much more cost-effective and time-efficient than participating in multiple seminars or webinars because you can get all of the information you need in one place at one time.
  • Build a networking list. IASP World Congress is an unmatched source for networking with pain professionals around the world. Make note of speakers, exhibitors, etc. with whom you would like to meet and discuss ideas and insights.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Hear from leading global pain experts across varying disciplines.
  2. Get firsthand access to the most innovative scientific updates and clinical practices in the pain field across all disciplines, including 15 plenary lectures, 2500+ poster presentations, 70+ topical workshops, 15+ satellite symposia, and more.
  3. Learn, expand your knowledge, and improve your skills with hands-on workshops and cadaver labs, lectures, discussions, and more on general or specific topics.
  4. Grow your network with 6000+ pain professionals from 25+ specialties and from more than 100 countries to share ideas, insights, and clinical practices.
  5. Earn Continuing Education Credits (CMEs) for attending general sessions and training courses.

Calculate the Cost and ROI

Understanding Your Congress Expenses

Congress expenses are affected by a number of factors. Before you begin to justify congress expenses, your need to calculate what those expenses are. To do so, use the following Expenses Worksheet to develop a cost estimate for attending IASP 2020 World Congress on Pain.

Understanding the Benefits

When you propose a congress for approval, don’t focus on how much you want to go; focus on what you will specifically bring back to your company/organization as a return on the investment in your travel and attendance.

Some specific details you’ll need to identify include:
  • Session content. What sessions have particular relevance to your company/organization/work?
    • Tools
    • Technologies
    • Processes
  • Exhibitor contacts. The conference showcases exhibitors with tools you use. Take this opportunity to compare competing tools and technologies.
  • Best practices. There will be training sessions in areas that will immediately benefit your group.
  • Training. There will be workshops designed to teach attendees a special skill and/or help your team overcome current or future challenges.

Quantifying the Benefits

Although you might understand the benefits of the IASP World Congress sessions that interest you, your supervisor may not. Therefore, to be most effective in justifying your attendance at IASP World Congress, you need to clearly articulate the connection between your company/organization’s knowledge requirements and the IASP World Congress program.

To support this process use the following Benefits Worksheet to help you focus on the benefits.

Justification Letter

Use the following templates to craft the perfect letter to your supervisor.